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Composing An Impressive Term Paper About Facebook Addiction

Facebook has become such an integral part of people’s lives that it’s hard to imagine what life was like before it came along. While most people spend a bit of time using social media everyday, for some people, it has taken over their lives. They seem to actually be addicted to it. This is a fascinating topic for an essay, which is why we’ve written this handy guide about how to write an impressive term paper about Facebook addiction.

  • Review the assignment brief
  • Before you start writing your essay, it’s essential that you understand exactly what the assignment entails. So, spend a few minutes reading through the assignment brief to familiarise yourself with all the details. Make sure that you know the appropriate formatting style, length, number of sources, and the due date.

  • Research your topic
  • Now that you know what’s required of you, you need to research your topic. You can do your research on the Internet and at the library. You should find lots of great books and journal articles about addiction in general, and a few on Facebook addiction, too.

  • Create an outline
  • Once you’ve collected all the information you’re going to use in your paper, you need to create an outline for it. Your outline doesn’t need to be very detailed, as it’s just there to guide you. It needs to include the title page, the table of contents, the introduction, the main body of the work, the conclusion, the list of references, and any appendices you need to attach.

  • Write a rough draft
  • After you’ve composed a basic outline, you can write a rough draft of your paper. Here you can use your outline to keep yourself on the right track. However, you don’t have to stick to your outline completely. If you think you need to change something, then do so. Your outline is only there to guide your work; it’s not set in stone.

  • Polish your rough draft
  • Now you need to polish and refine your rough draft. Rework it until you’re happy with all the information, as well as the flow of the paper.

  • Proofread your work
  • Finally, it’s time to proofread you term paper. Go through it carefully and fix any mistakes, such as spelling errors, before you submit it.

    After reading this useful article, you should have the know-how to write an outstanding term paper all about Facebook addiction.


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