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How To Set Up The Research Paper Table Of Contents In The APA Style

There are several types of academic writing style in common usage at universities around the world at present. This can be confusing to the newest students but with care this maze can be navigated smoothly. There are several aspects to the average research paper and perhaps the most frequently overlooked is the table of contents. If you want to master this section in the APA style, try the tips listed below:

  • Get your hands on the official guideline booklet
  • The importance of this step cannot be underscored enough. The American Psychology Association has spent decades creating this style and they are the best ones to explain how it works. To use a condensed version of their rules alone is a dangerous mistake and you are likely to miss important aspects in the process.

  • Find supplementary articles on the process
  • Although summarized versions of the APA guide are terrible if used alone, they can definitely complement what you have learned in other places. Look for these online.

  • Look for samples in the same style
  • By reading sample research papers you become more accustomed to what that type of academic document should look like so you will be better at creating one as a result.

  • Ask a friend who knows how it is done
  • Friends are useful for much more than hanging out and wasting time. If any of yours are good students, you could ask them to explain the writing process for you in simple terms that you can understand. The best part is that they should be easily available to you and not take and money in exchange for their services.

  • Purchase assistance from a freelancer
  • Freelance writers can be found all over the internet. Many of them come from poor countries and thus work for fairly low fees. This is hard for them but you can benefit from it. Look for one with a great reputation or you may end up being given worse advice than you could have figured out on your own.

  • Purchase assistance from a company
  • Much like there are freelancers who can be hired to help you, there are companies that work off the internet staffed by writers with a similar intent. The benefit of this service is that a company with a good reputation is more likely to be available than a freelancer.


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