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Buying research papers on the web: the moral side

There is no doubt that there is a huge need for buying research papers on the Web.

The are various web sites that offer many different writing services for very differing prices.

It is estimated that around one third of college and high school establishments are have reported that their students are downloading essays, and reports from the internet that have been written by someone else.


Obviously no one is going to write these essays or reports for free. If you look carefully at some of the site offering writing services there is a basic fee, which is then bumped up by;

  • How soon you want the essay;
  • How many references you want;
  • If you want it proof read;
  • Your word count;
  • If you want your it edited
  • And lots more extras.

  • There are two major reasons why a student may be looking towards buying a research paper o the web:

  • They have left it too late to complete the work and are going to miss the deadline
  • They cannot complete the work because they are academically out of their depth.

  • Neither of these reasons can account for the fact that paying someone to produce your academic work is not moral.

  • If the student’s work is accepted by their College or University, that student does not have the capability of that learning or the capability of performing at that level in the workplace.
  • It gives the Student with money to buy the research paper an unequal advantage over the Student who has been working and completed the paper themselves.

  • Accuracy

    The pitch that the web sites give the Students is that hey have well qualified writers, at all levels and all subjects. Can they guarantee that the work they produce, will actually meet the need of the Student?

    The astute teacher will be able to spot that their student has not written an essay of paper. A research paper will be seen by several people so, it will have several sets of eyes to check for inconsistencies including referencing and citing which many of the writers who work these web sites have difficulty with.

    What happens if after parting with all that money you then get a very poor grade?

    It may however be more feasible to complete your research paper then pay someone to proof read it for you.

    In essence buying research papers from the web, may give a steady work load for writers in Asia but it cheapens the education system and greatly lowers ethical standards.


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