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Good literature topics to write about for a research paper

Here’s a list of eight topic suggestions related to the subject of literature. Feel free to use these for your own literature research paper.

  1. Correct ways of using the prolepsis plot technique in screenwriting: When it’s worked in movies and when it hasn’t
  2. Prolepsis seems to be used a lot more now than it ever has. Discuss how and if this method of telling a story heightens the plot quality.

  3. A deeper look into the history of prose in Ancient China
  4. Analyze a part of Ancient China’s rich prose archive and discuss the factors that surrounded great pieces of literature. Integrate society, politics, and morality into your research.

  5. The future of journalism: How news sites like Huffington Post and Buzz Feed are popularizing yellow journalism
  6. Is click bait and hyper-sensationalized news superseding traditional news? Speculate on the future of news based on what we’re seeing currently.

  7. How film indoctrinates a society: Those behind the industry of movie and television
  8. Pick a time period of your choosing and show your reader how agendas have been pushed via movies and television; and why.

  9. Benjamin Franklin: The man who took society’s morality onto his own shoulders
  10. With the printing press as his only weapon, Benjamin Franklin felt it to be his duty to indoctrinate society with his own version of morality. Look into this allegation and tell his story objectively.

  11. Great poems that have proven to be timeless: Examples of poetry that has been adapted into movies
  12. Investigate the re-popularization of old poems via film. Use Beowulf as an example and try to find others that have a similar modus operandi.

  13. An analysis of biblical didactic poetry: The book of Job – Is it the oldest poem in our possession?
  14. The dialogue between Job and his friends is still considered a treasure within the literary world. Analyze the pertinent parts of the poem and hypothesize on its intent. Also add a discussion on the age of the book and how we should view it based on that.

  15. How contemporary prose has been influenced by the late greats
  16. Take a look at the influence of old prose and how many aspects have paved the way for modern prose. What factors play a role in making prose so compelling and how can we learn from those who came before us?


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