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Top 20 Interesting Research Paper Topics On Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a popular subject lately even though scientists have been working on it since long. The subject became popular to common man because of novels and movies based on machines taking over the world or machines having emotions and human conscience like digital fortress, Da Vinci code, I robot and recent movies like transcendence, Lucy, and major documentaries that show unbelievable advancements of science in this area. If you are to write a research paper on this subject, then you have a lot to explore. You have a strong subject and you can explore many new ideas because certain areas in this field are still in the grey zone.

Whatever topic you choose to write your paper about, you should make sure you have a strong grip over it and you can find enough relevant evidence to support your idea. You cannot argue that machines have taken over certain aspects of human life unless you have real, authenticated, and valid examples, facts, and data to prove your point.

Here are few interesting suggestions to help you choose a strong topic under this subject

  1. Rodney Brooks and robotics are the pioneer to artificial intelligence
  2. The limitation of using expert systems in computers, mobiles and machines of daily use
  3. The amazing feature of face detection by the social media networking sites that can identify a person in a simple two dimension image
  4. Experiments to understand monkey language show that monkeys interact with other species as well through speech
  5. Using artificial intelligence to tell if a person is lying
  6. Peter Norvig’s work on artificial intelligence
  7. An insight to color contours used for face detection
  8. How do multi modal services using natural languages work
  9. What is fuzz logic and why is better or worse than binary logic
  10. Plants feel fear and stress when insects eat them
  11. Chinese inventions in the field of artificial intelligence
  12. Learning toys for kids that interact with them and respond
  13. Do quizzes and apps on social media networks use artificial intelligence to judge your personality
  14. How practical is the idea of smart cars owing to advancements in artificial intelligence
  15. Inducing artificial intelligence in spy crows to detect missing army troops
  16. An artist who creates sculptures by left DNA trails
  17. Robots
  18. Tracking systems
  19. Expert systems
  20. Cloud technology

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