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A Manual For Composing A Term Paper About Business Ethics

Students often find Business Ethics to be a confusing topic since the term itself seems like an oxymoron. How can one practice ethical business when most of the world rises to the top by stepping on people’s necks? Thus, the main concern while writing a business ethics paper is to take a side: either it is or it is not. Fret not, for here is a manual for composing a term paper about business ethics:

A manual for composing a term paper about business ethics

  • Take a side: Most people often support unethical business practices if they believe that their work depends on it. It doesn’t matter if you are one of them: do not choose the opposition because you think it is the right thing to do. Your goal regarding choosing a side is to present what you think about it and thus justify your choice. Thus, if you think that unethical business is how one survives in the world, justify why, and you will have a much better paper on your hands.
  • Choose a topic: This is the stage that students dread the most. Break away from thinking that choosing a revolutionary topic is how you score better on a term paper. No matter what topic you choose, the quality of your work decides your grades. The best topics are those that interest you, and are specific questions or statements, such as, “Study on the X Scam in X-country, and consequent discussion on how politics and business are interrelated.”
  • Do not forget the ethical perspective: Since yours is a paper on business ethics, compare your findings, answers, and the like with the four ethical perspectives. These will make your paper richer and more interesting.
  • Refer to sample papers: If you are having trouble starting and finding a direction, refer to papers written by your seniors and experts in the industry. Between university websites, libraries, academic journals and essay websites, you will find a plethora of topics that interest you.
  • Build on an inspired idea: If you are having trouble thinking of an original idea, think of something inspired. Read other studies and pick out points of interest; refer to blogs, journals, articles and the like and discuss their main points with the perspective of the practical application. This way, you will get ample sources and consequently a good paper. Remember, however, to credit all necessary authors and sources, or your work may amount to plagiarism.

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