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What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

Finding a good research paper topic is fundamental in writing a research paper. Good topic, is one that the writer knows enough information about, that they can develop strong key words; and have a base foundation to write from. It is also one that is not overly open to have too much to cover; yet defined enough that the student can focus on the main points, without going through tons of excess research. The size of the paper, should be the key to how broad the topic is.

  1. Current Events
  2. History
  3. Science
  4. English

Current Events

There are many topics that can fit in here, especially for different Majors. News is always coming out on new developments, events, and discoveries. Thus, any current event, can open a door into any field of study. This is a good area to start one’s search for a topic, and develop a strong topic.

  • Social Event; crime, rescue, fashion trend
  • Technology; new development, new discovery, improvement
  • Financial; economy, business, stock market trends
  • Arts; new music style, new art style, older style being accepted now
  • Politics; new laws, crime trends, law enforcement developments


In history, picking a specific time, or historical event, can be an interesting subject. Sometimes even taking a historical legend, and working to prove or disprove it, can be a great topic.

  • Legends
  • Wars
  • Historical Developments; city designs, castle designs, paper advancement
  • Famous People; what made them famous, what they were known for, their genealogy
  • Vehicle Advancement; Marine, carts, personal vehicles


Science can cover many areas, thus can be equally a good topic. Looking at what developments, discoveries, and advancements in research have been made, can all be excellent papers.

  • Anthropology; new cultural discoveries, advancements on primitive races
  • Chemistry; new polymers, new pharmacology development
  • Physics; Astrophysics developments, new trends in physics calculations, new discoveries
  • Biology; new discoveries, advancements in understandings, medicine
  • Geology; volcanic developments, new discoveries, new ways to detect fossil fuels


Any English major can explain how this field changes, and how older methods effect what we do today. Researching these issues can bring more information to light. Also a well written research paper might show how something could be done better.

  • Literature; history of styles, development of a process, major figure
  • Dialectology; How a dialect developed, related dialects
  • Philology; development of language, development of literature
  • Lexicology
  • Etymology

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