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Top 10 sociology research paper ideas to consider

Sociology is the study of society and the ways in which the systems that make it up operate. As a student of this discipline you will come across many fascinating theories that you can write about in detail. When you start considering topics for research, take the following list in mind.

The growing gender gap in education

While female students have historically had less access to education than males, laws promoting equality have overturned this. A research paper on this topic can look into traditionally feminine traits that propel women to outperform males academically.

How Ethnicity intervenes in a Meritocratic Society

Many societies that claim to operate on meritocratic principles do not provide equal access to members of their poorer minority groups. This paper can research reasons for such disparities.

The Upcoming Internet fueled Proletariat Revolution

Karl Marx predicted a revolution would eventually take place that would put an end to oppressive economic systems. The recent social - media organized demonstrations in Hong Kong and the Middle East can be drawn on as examples of this in modern times.

The hidden curriculum as a subset of the broader marketing industry

While children absorb useful information about life from the hidden curriculum, in many ways this mirrors the marketing industry. Parallel can be drawn with reference to branded vending machines in schools.

Doomsday cults and the growing ‘Prepper’ movement

Fringe religious movements thrive in the midst of social and economic uncertainty. This paper can research to what extent the doomsday prepper movement is influenced by that sociological phenomena.

Patriarchy and the growing incidence of online “slut shaming”

Male dominance can be examined for its role in fueling social media rants on the ‘virtue of women”.

The evolving definition of crime

All societies contain ‘crime’ but this paper can look into what acts were once considered criminal but no longer are and which have only recently become criminal.

The phenomena of gentrification as seen through a Marxist Lens

This paper can discuss how the displacement of the poor from their neighborhoods can lead to spontaneous class consciousness.

Gaming as the new opiate of the masses

This essay can draw parallels between the peace people derive from religion and the escapism people gain from games, both of which dull the pain of everyday life.

Globalization and the formation of a single planet-wide society

This paper can deal with the results of a west-focused international culture.

Any of the above topics can result in thought proving and useful research.


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