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How to find a reliable sample of a research paper abstract

Reviewing abstract samples can be a great teaching aid. One of the best ways to learn how to write the piece is to review other pieces like it. So where can you find examples of an abstract? Almost anywhere. You can find them:

  • In textbooks for your course
  • In peer reviewed journals
  • In your school library where school based publications are housed
  • On electronic databases online

The abstract can be a very challenging component to write for any research based paper. Many students are actually under the false impression that the abstract must be written before any other part of the paper because of the fact that it is placed at the forefront of the document. However this is merely not true. As the writer you have the flexibility and the freedom to write the abstract at any point. The same as you can write your introduction at the end of your essay you can write the abstract after that.

The abstract needs to be a stand alone piece that summarizes every part of your paper. That is part of the reason why it is so challenging to write. It is a unique segment of writing that is compact and yet comprehensive. It can be very challenging to get all of the information you need into such a small space if you don’t know what you are doing. That is why samples are so important.

A sample abstract is actually one of the easiest things to view either online or in a magazine. The reason being: many journals will ask that you purchase the entire edition if you want to report a report that was published within it. But the abstract is actually viewable for free. The abstract has to be stand alone for this reason. The abstract is viewed online for free by academics and professionals alike who want to determine if the paper is right for them or if it is relevant to their research.

By reviewing samples in your field you can see what other reputable authors have done. You can also look at how they condensed roughly one sentence to represent each of the chapters or sections of their total paper. You can see how they kept their prose tight and their word count short. You can also review the keywords they selected to catalogue the final piece in academic and professional databases.


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