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Formatting A Physics Research Paper: A Guide For High School

High school students get the first taste of the varying segments of Math; namely, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The middle school students meet them in the unified version when it is called Science.

First timer’s agony

Now, high school students also come across research papers for the first time. They need to conduct certain experiments in the laboratory and clarify certain standpoints through methods and analysis.

When you have to write a research paper on Physics, here is what you do –

  • Plan the method – There is actually a silver lining as all classmates have to complete the same paper and you always have a group of students to discuss with. Assert how you will go with the experiments.
  • The title page – The title page will have the running head with the title. The central portion of the initial page also has the title. You can write your name, your teacher’s name; your school name and the year in the footer section.
  • The Introduction – This carries a general description of what you plan to do with the paper and how you propose to do it. You should endeavor to define the problems ranging around the topical theme and show how you are enlightened about the regime and are knowledgeable about it.
  • The method – These have to be written systematically; with due numbering and the manner of your experiment in a stage-by-stage description. You should not use bombastic words here; just a statement of the account in a lucid manner will do.
  • The analysis – The analysis section will offer a detailed account of how each stage of the experiment shows about the character of the elements involved. Of course, the picture becomes clear by the end of the method.
  • The conclusion – This is where you assertively place your findings and opinion about the topical theme. You have proved it through a suggestive method and analysis and can take a definitive route in the ending section.
  • The appendix – There should ideally be an appendix page where you place any relevant table and a footnote page where you describe technical terms. Remember to utilize the left and right hand margins of the content pages to make references to others’ work you have utilized as also the cursory definitions.

Get the guidance

Ask your teacher for guidance regarding the way ahead and also go through a few previous samples to understand how you need to scrip the paper. The reference page is necessary to acknowledge all references with correct alignment to the resources.


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