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Professional academic tricks how to write a research paper in mla format

MLA and its advantages:

  • MLA (Modern Language Association) is a style adopted to write research as well as other papers and quote sources within the humanities and the arts. ‘MLA Handbooks for Writers of Research Papers’ (7th edition) is guide suited for the purpose of writing research papers.
  • MLA provides guidelines for formatting research papers and the proper use of the English language while doing so. A system for referencing sources is also provided by MLA guidebooks.
  • Writers who use MLA build their credibility by accounting for the various source materials. MLA can also assure the writers safety from accusations of plagiarism from other writers.

General guidelines for paper format:

  1. Your paper should be of dimensions 8.5x11 inch.
  2. Legible fonts must be used with a font size of 12 pt. Fonts of those natures must be chosen such that the italics and bold type can be distinguished from one another.
  3. Only one space must be left after a period or any kind of punctuation mark.
  4. The document must be set by 1inch from all sides.
  5. Proper indentation of one tab key must be used while beginning a new paragraph.
  6. Create a header of one half inch at the top right corner and flush with the right margin.
  7. Use italics, while emphasizing extremely important sentences or stating different sources.

Formatting the first page of your paper:

  1. A title page is not necessary for your paper if it is not specifically requested.
  2. State your name, instructor’s name, course & date in the upper left corner with a double spacing to separate them.
  3. Double space again and center your title without quoting or italicizing them. The title should be written in Title Case.
  4. While referring to other works in your research paper it is necessary to quote or italicize them.
  5. There should always be a double space between the title and the first line.
  6. A header should be present at the top right with your last name followed by Arabic numerals. A space must exist between the name and the number.

Section Headings:

Section Headings are employed by writers to give a flow to the document. The readability of the document is improved by using section headings.

Section headings are formatted either using numbered or unnumbered structures. Numbered formatting includes the use of Arabic numerals. Unnumbered formatting uses the following structure:

  • Heading of Level 1: Bold, flush left
  • Heading of Level 2: Italics, flush left
  • Heading of Level 3, bold: Centered
  • Heading of Level 4: Centered, Italics
  • Heading of Level 5: Underlined, flush left.

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