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The Top 25 Research Paper Topics for High School Students

Students often get stuck at the point of choosing topics for their research. There are plenty of ideas to investigate, but there is always a doubt if this topic in particular is deep enough for the paper of high school level. To come with an appropriate topic idea, you should make your choice in favor of the subject that genuinely interests you. For example, you may go for a specific scientific field and try exploring the issue you’ve been curious about for a long time. Or, look at the well-known subject from a different angle and suggest some new solutions or visions of the problem. If you are eager to find out more about the topic, your research paper will be a success. The following list contains topic ideas that might be interesting for your further research and help boost your creativity. Make your mind, look for the sources, and start writing your paper.

  1. Being a genius: can anyone become a genius, or is it an inherent feature?
  2. Why did the dinosaurs die out?
  3. How do steroids affect human body?
  4. Olympic games in ancient Greece and nowadays: how much did they change?
  5. The ways to bring your expenses under control.
  6. Why was the skateboard invented?
  7. The reasons for communism failure in most of the countries.
  8. How does smoking affect human body?
  9. How do desert mirages occur?
  10. The origins of spam and what can be done to stop it?
  11. The ways to fight piracy in the media.
  12. Why do volcanos erupt? How can this natural phenomenon be foreseen?
  13. The comparison of the Chinese and American economic models.
  14. Wildlife in danger of extinction: what is being done to protect rare species?
  15. Is the war on drugs an unreasonable expenditure?
  16. Can lie detectors lie?
  17. What technologies can help apartment owners save energy?
  18. How do oil spills influence the environmental status of the ocean? What preventive measures should be taken to improve the existing state of affairs?
  19. The reasons for sleep disorders in modern days, and how can they be treated.
  20. Internet censorship in different countries: distinctive and common features.
  21. The goals and perspectives of genetic engineering.
  22. How can we test animals’ intellects?
  23. Why and how do the birds migrate?
  24. Pros and cons of vaccination.
  25. Are the dangers of climate change and global warming exaggerated?

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