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The Top 20 Best Anthropology Term Paper Ideas to Consider

When choosing a topic for an anthropology term paper, consider the relationships between theories, such as post-modernism or structuralism. When presenting information about the topic, it is important not to draw conclusions unless you have provided valid/reliable evidence as support. The paper should be objective, not opinion-based.

The topics below cover the four sub-divisions of anthropology: Archaeology, Biological or Physical Anthropology, Anthropological linguistics, and Cultural/Sociocultural Anthropology. You may need to narrow the topic to suit the approach you use. Make sure that each aspect of the topic can be reduced to smaller parts, so that your information will be precise.

  1. A Transnational Analysis of Feminism Viewed through the Lens of Cultural Anthropology
  2. An Analysis of African American Slang (or Senegalese oral narrative, Gullah/Geechee) from a Semiotic Anthropology Perspective
  3. A Comparison of the Rite of Passage Performances of Ethiopia’s Hamar Tribe and the Amazon’s Matis Tribe
  4. The Cultural Strategies Maasai Warriors Use on Lion Hunts
  5. Overcoming Social Injustice: The Resilience of Sudanese Refugees in Cairo, Egypt
  6. Professional Japanese Women in the Workforce during the era of Japan’s Institutional Policy Changes (2007-2010)
  7. Effects of Relatives with AIDS on the Family Dynamics in Nigeria (or South Africa, India)
  8. Socio-cultural Change and Commercialization of Local Culture Resulting from the Tourist Industry in Western Malaysia
  9. What the Paintings and Sculptures of the Paleolithic People of Europe Reveal about Their Culture: An Anthropological Analysis of the Paintings found in the Lascaux Caves of France, and Statues Found in Ain Ghazal in Jordan
  10. The Impact of the Feudal System on Medieval Religion
  11. The Influence of Movies and Television on Popular Culture after World War II
  12. The Discoveries about Early Humans in the Paleoanthropological Site of Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania
  13. The Similarity of Ancient Egyptian Customs to Modern American Society’s Customs
  14. The Hebrew Culture’s Influence on Western Civilization
  15. Brahmin’s Influence on Indian Society’s Value System
  16. Comparison of Death Rituals of the Dayak of Borneo and the Chaga of Tanzania
  17. Guam’s Preservation of its Culture and Traditions despite Invasions by the United States, Japan, and Spain
  18. What the Metaphorical Language of the Hausa Reveals about their Society
  19. An Examination of the Controversy Surrounding Anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon’s Unethical Behavior toward Brazil’s Yanomamo tribe of Brazil
  20. People in the North Arctic Region and their Cultural Sustainability and Adjustment to Adverse Environmental Factors

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