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How do I start my research paper: 5 useful ideas for composing a catchy intro

The first thing people read when they look at your paper is the introduction. It’s like the first glance across a crowded room that make the hero and heroine fall in love. It’s the chance to make the reader so intrigued that they just have to read the rest of your paper in its entirety. If you’re trying to make your reader invested in your research, look at the tips below and learn how to craft a catchy introduction

Understand who you’re trying to catch

The bait that works for vultures might not be as effective when you’re trying to catch butterflies. Similarly, the world is full of different types of readers and what works swimmingly for one audience may result in absolute revulsion or another. Create a mental profile of the readers and always keep it in mind while you write your into.

Be a little witty

Humor is very subjective. Keeping that mental profile in mind, ask yourself what you could say about your topic initially that might make the reader laugh. You shouldn’t be aiming for a full laugh that brings tears to the eyes. Just a little chuckle or a smirk. Even a mild smile will do. Once you can achieve this, you have the reader’s attention and like it or not, the rest of your research will seem better for it.

Be original

Do not let your introduction become a carbon copy of someone else’s just because your predecessor was wildly successful. Something that is beautiful in its originality the first time around can seem feeble minded when attempted by a later writer.

Give yourself several options

Try not to write just one version of the introduction if it’s giving you problems. Write it over a few times and see which one suits you best.

Ask for feedback

A second opinion can stop you from making familiar mistakes. Look for acquaintances who will not spare your feelings and ask what they think of the introductions you’ve been working on. This genuine feedback is invaluable to your progress as a writer.

Little by little if you follow these tips you will develop all of the necessary skills for catching the reader’s attention in just a few lines.


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