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Some Vital English Research Paper Topic Ideas

English or English literature is a very broad subject where the students can have a lot of distinct ideas. The history of English roots back to several centuries. English is a widely spoken language and a lot of countries have their own recipe of English literature. Make a smart choice as your selection of English research topic would depict your writing style and the approach for reaching a logical conclusion.

Some good English research paper topic ideas:

There are 1000s of topics in English research paper, but we have filtered out the following hot topics which can be easily chosen to produce a quality English research paper:

  • Shakespeare’s domination in the world of English literature – Shakespeare, obviously is a big name in English literature and everybody interested in English would definitely have an opinion about it. The writers can compare the Shakespeare work with another writer and can also tell that what impact he has made on the world of literature.
  • Poetry VS Drama – The writers here have the liberty to choose between drama and poetry and have their say about it. You should produce enough quality arguments to convince the readers towards the conclusion, which you will draw in the end. Make sure that in comparison English topics, you should have a definite opinion about one thing and produce enough arguments in favor to support your statement.
  • How do people perceive English writers and how do writers respond – The writers, here, have the opportunity to write both about the people perception of the writer and the response of the writer on people perception. The main point under this topic is that a writer gets influenced by the nature and the society, and he depicts this thing in his writing and on this, his readers have an opinion which can be positive or negative as well. Therefore, the writers should exploit this point and write a good research paper on the topic with valid arguments.
  • Fiction or Non Fiction – Again, it is a wide topic where the writer should choose one specific genre and try his pen on it with logical arguments.
  • History of English literature – It is a fantastic topic where the writers have a lot to research. He should write that where the English originated from and how it spread throughout the world. Also, talk about the domination of English over other languages.

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