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Fresh ideas for your term paper: the best topics list for college students

Term paper writing assignments are based on great topic ideas that become an important part of your grade. This means you need to choose a topic you can write about well to be sure you get the grade you want. There are so many ideas for term papers it can be overwhelming trying to find the best one. The good news is you can eliminate options based on your field of study, personal interests and how confident you feel you can produce a winning term paper. Here is a list of topic ideas college students may find useful when developing their own term paper topic.

  1. What is the process of air plane crash investigation? A term paper may review steps on how the accident is reconstructed to understand the cause.
  2. What are people so upset by the use of animals in different projects from medical testing to entertainment?
  3. Should schools be responsible for providing protective gear to students participating in sports? A term paper can explore pros and cons of why schools should provide items instead of students.
  4. Is terrorism getting any better or is it getting worse? Is more terror activity occurring now than in the last 20 years?
  5. What is the purpose of a beauty contest when people are often told they are fine just the way they are? Why does it matter there are people more attractive than others?
  6. Books that are outlawed and those that should be allowed to be read by others.
  7. When is religious establishment (such as a church or statue) or structure is damaged by fire is it considered a hate crime?
  8. Should police officers wear body cameras? A term paper can explore pros and cons of body cameras for law enforcement? Should taxpayers be responsible for funding them or should the government pay for them?
  9. What are ways people commit cybercrime? How are people stealing money, identity and even property using the internet? What age group commits the most cybercrimes?
  10. How has fast food restaurants changed in the last 10 years? Have they gotten to be healthier now or has little changed to consider them healthy at all? Are they the reason why people are gaining weight or is the blame on the consumer?

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