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How To Create A Winning Research Paper Discussion Part?

In the discussion section, you must explain the meaning of the specific results in the research paper. Readers should not have any ambiguity when they read the discussion of the academic paper. In case the discussion portion doesn’t convince supervisors, they will not take much interest to evaluate the academic paper enthusiastically.

Describe the Importance of Research in Discussion

Discussion section is written to make readers understand the purpose of doing deep findings. Describe the significance of the research components which are used to reframe the academic paper. In this particular discussion, a writer has to give his good suggestions to enable readers to understand the central theme of the content.

Important Facts about Discussion Writing

  • State the limitation of findings
  • Cite appropriate suggestions
  • Mention important findings very clearly in your discussion section.
  • Give reasons of conducting findings
  • Try to highlight the prominent proximity between the current finding and other research components.
  • Make a short synopsis in the form of the conclusion.

State Meaning of Result/Studies in Discussion Section

You have done lot of studies and researches to find the true information. You always expect the result in the long run. However, there must be an objective of such meticulous table work. Let your readers understand the meaning of the finding. Discussion is not a type of forum platform or online chatting portal to discuss in friendly manner. You need to inspire your readers to discover the exact meaning of the result and handpick some interesting suggestions for extending the self-pace probing to generate new theories and innovative plans. Discussion doesn’t contain any irrelevant information to make the content less important. Discussion doesn’t prioritize the ultimate results of scientific probing and data analysis. Instead it enables readers to have good conception about the meaning of doing probing. In the discussion portion, bring some reference study materials which have similarity with your finding. Readers will explore to find the connection between your personal probing and other trials and experiments. Writers need to nurture suggestive tone to let readers be aware of the significance of the further studies to make the finding purpose oriented. Instead of reiteration of the results, put focus on the main issues which are connected with the findings. Your message in the discussion section must be précised without exaggeration. On the other hand, when you construct your discussion in the academic paper, you should use the same tense to write the sentences. You must have proficiency to jot down the brief content of the discussion using same terms or keywords.

Organize all important facts which showcase the prominent relation between various findings in your academic papers. Last but not the least, detect the limitation of the finding to impress readers. However, while identifying the weakness and limitation of studies, don’t use apologetic tone to deteriorate validity and importance of the academic paper.


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