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Creative Informative Research Paper Topics for College Students

Cannot find an interesting topic for your college research paper? Look at the following suggestions. They should be able to inspire a few original ideas:

  • Effects of beauty contents on children’s psyche.
  • This topic should be focused on psychological effects of pageants. You need to explain how they affect the girls that take part in them, and those who remain spectators. You can also delve into the sociological aspect of this issue and determine how beauty contests influence overall understanding of true beauty.

  • What methods do cyber criminals use to steal identities and money today?
  • Describe the most common types of cybercrime and offer some suggestions on how to protect yourself from this. Remember that your advice must be easy to understand and follow even for those who know little to nothing about computers.

  • Age-related conflicts at the workplace.
  • Identify the reasons that cause problems when different generations of people work together. Suggest some effective changes in the company policy and structure that will be able to resolve and prevent these conflicts.

  • Do veterans of the Iraq war receive sufficient health benefits?
  • In order to write this essay, you will need to research the benefits available to veterans and determine whether they are indeed good enough to meet the vets’ needs. List the most common health problems that these people suffer from and offer some suggestions on how to improve their situation.

  • What is it like to be a Muslim American after 09/11/2001?
  • This essay will require a great deal of research. You will need to study the statistics of hate crimes to determine how often Muslim Americans are targeted simply because of their religion. You should also look into complaints about bullying and some work related issues, like being denied a promotion. Finding this kind of data will be a challenge, so don’t choose this topic if you aren’t sure you can handle it.

  • Can the government be allowed to wiretap people’s homes without permission.
  • In this paper, you will need to explore the issues of privacy. Define personal freedom and establish the acceptable limits of privacy. Explain your choices and provide some evidence to support them.

    Look at the bigger picture to see how this kind of action from the government will affect society as a whole.

  • Should parents push their children in sports?
  • Try to establish the limits of “pushing” acceptable in this case. Hypothesize about how a proactive position of parents can affect health of the nation as a whole. Will this kind of unofficial policy help combat obesity epidemics?


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