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What Does A Title Page Look Like For A Research Paper In The MLA Format: Tips And Examples

A large number of academic papers are assigned to students by professors that are expected to be done in the MLA style. In most cases the important information is presented on the first page so there is no need to have a cover page. In some cases however, certain professors prefer that there is a separate title page accompanying your paper. It should be noted that this is not the way an official MLA title page format is done. However, the majority of instructors do not like the official version and use the adapted version below instead. If this applies to your assignment, here is what you need to know:

  • Title: Start by writing the title of your paper one third of the way down your page. It should be written with normal capitalization rules kept in mind. Ensure that the title is not punctuated. Do not use italics, use bold, or put in quotation marks.
  • Name: There should be a space left of between two to three lines before write both your first and last names in full, with no nicknames.
  • Course: Another space of two to three lines should be left before you write the name of the course you are taking, along with the number of it if you choose.
  • Instructor: The next line underneath the course information should contain the name of your professor or instructor. Make sure that you include any appropriate titles for them, especially if a doctorate has been earned. For example, Dr. Harold Green or Dr. Green.
  • Date: The next line should contain the date in the European format, using day, month, and then the current year. For example, 9 January 2015.


  • Use the standard 2.5 cm ( 1 inch ) margin on all sides.
  • Do all writing in the standard 12-point font.
  • Ensure that a standard font with a serif, like Garamond or Times New Roman is used throughout. No text should be set apart by bold, italics, or underlining.
  • Text should all be aligned to the center.
  • The title page is not to be counted as a page. The second page is actually to be listed as number 1.

Example of an MLA title page

Examination of How Chinese Art Influenced Early Impressionism and Dadaist Art

Anthony Meyers

Art History 1401

Dr. Harold Green

9 January 2015


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