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10 suggested topics for persuasive research papers

If you are writing a research paper, the first thing you will need to do is show evidence that you have done some research. This is the basis of this type of essay. You take the topic, you investigate or research it and then, based on the evidence you have uncovered, you write your research paper. And when the research paper is a particular type such as a persuasive research paper, then you need to mount a case or argument in favour of your point of view.

Easier said than done but there are proven steps you can take which will guarantee a well-balanced and well-structured research paper. Of course your ability to write well comes into it as does your ability to edit and proofread. But overall if you follow the basic steps to write a persuasive research, you should do well if not very well.

Choosing the right topic is essential. It has to be something you want to write about or better still are passionate about and it needs to have an argument. You are trying to persuade the reader. You are trying to persuade them that your point of view in the argument created within the topic is correct. If the topic doesn't create a conflict, then what are you arguing about?

Here are 10 suggested topics for persuasive research papers. Do these topics suggest conflict or division or lend themselves easily to an argument?

  1. The current taxation system is very fair and should never be altered.
  2. Testing new drugs on animals is a sensible way of helping humans.
  3. Cigarettes are legal and should never be banned.
  4. Children should never be allowed access to the Internet without proper adult supervision.
  5. Plagiarism in academia is rife and out of control.
  6. Governments should operate more lotteries in order to raise more money for worthwhile projects.
  7. Sex education should be compulsory for all high school students.
  8. Governments should stay well clear of dictating the type of food we can consume.
  9. Corporal punishment should be reintroduced into schools.
  10. Teenagers up to the age of 18 should be subject to a 10pm curfew.

Now the two tests you need to apply are interest and relevance. If you are not interested in a topic then look for one which does appeal. Is the topic relevant to a persuasive essay? If so, you may well have found your topic.


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