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10 good psychology research paper topics

If you are tasked with writing a psychology research paper and have to pick a topic out yourself you are given a great opportunity. Being able to pick the topic yourself means you have freedom to select something that interests you. You can pick something about which you are passionate rather than something that was given to you that you don’t really care about.

If you cannot find a suitable topic yourself consider the examples below. These are meant to guide you in your search for a topic and with them you can from a coherent thesis statement:

  1. Is it better for children to be raised by a stay at home parent or one who works?
  2. Should parents be stopped from buying electronics such as tablets or cell phones for children under a certain age?
  3. What effect does music have on cognitive development
  4. Can people alter their altruism by changing the plasticity and size of their amygdala?
  5. Is it ethical to run tests on children?
  6. Does our legal system manipulate the emotions of a jury with female victims?
  7. How important is it for children to have a father figure during early years of development?
  8. Can same sex couples provide a proper upbringing for children?
  9. Does everyone have it in them to become a psychopath if they are not raised properly?
  10. What impact do violent television shows and video games have on early development?

Once you have picked your topic it is time to write the essay. But where do you begin? Well you can begin with these essay writing tips below…

Essay writing tips

When you are writing an essay you need to work on the organization. Getting started is often one of the hardest parts of writing any paper--or completing any project--which is why getting yourself organized can go a long way toward ensuring your paper gets done. The following three steps should be taken when you are trying to get organized:

Step 1: Plan your work

Step 2: Write your content

Step 3: Edit your paper

Following these three steps in order will make it exponentially easier for you to organize your work. Plan out the steps you need to take in order to finish your work on time. Write the content using an outline created from your notes. Then take the time to edit your paper at least one day after you write the first draft.


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