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Thinking of health topics for research papers: current problems and their possible solutions

Due to a combination of emerging health factors the possibility exists that developed nations will see the first modern decline in life expectancy. Many factors account for this including:

  • High levels of consistent mental stress
  • Low levels of exercise
  • Unhealthy food choices (overprocessed, high sodium options with little nutritional value)
  • Constant exposure to hidden carcinogens
  • New drug resistant bacteria
  • High levels of pesticide residue on non-organic produce
  • Globalization leading to quicker spreading of contagious diseases

These are only a few of the legitimate concerns that modern people face in maintaining their health and that of their loved ones. For forward thinking health professionals, these can be used to come up with topics that can be researched for the greater good of people worldwide. The following list represents just a few ideas that might come to mind:

  • Obesity: Can genetic manipulation prevent excessive weight gain in later generations?
  • Will HIV drug treatment one day become standard in the treatment of Ebola?
  • Does regular consumption of Graviola leaf extracts significantly reduce the risk of cancer?
  • Can Neem seed extracts lower HIV viral load to the point where patients test negative?
  • Will stem cell treatments eventually allow for the regrowth of lost limbs and organs?
  • Can Bimatoprost provide a long term solution to both male and female baldness?
  • Will the use of robotics provide practical mobility solutions to people with disabilities?
  • Will genetic manipulation in veterinary sciences eventually lead to frailer but more aesthetically appealing designer pets?
  • To what extent is the legalization of marijuana likely to have significant effects on the field of psychiatry?
  • Can Ketamine cure depression?
  • Can music therapy be administered online to remote workers suffering from anxiety due to social isolation?
  • To what extent can guided meditation provide relief to sufferers of persistent night terrors?
  • Does hypnopedia have any practical applications in the treatment of learning disabilities?
  • Can stem cell treatment reverse or prevent physical aging?
  • Will stem cell treatment eventually lead to more complete sex change operations?

Some of the topics listed go beyond health in terms of loss of life and safety and look instead into the broader category of health as the maintenance of physical and mental wellbeing. As the science of health expands and new ways of categorizing health are developed even more worthwhile topics for research will become possible. Until then, these provide quite a good start.


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