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How to write a perfect research paper: being a pro

If you are writing a research paper there are a few key steps to writing a perfect one.

  1. Conduct interviews
  2. Make sure you interview experts in the field so that you have reputable and credible sources for your research paper. You can interview someone in person or over the phone. Either instance is fine. When you call an expert for the first time, it is important to first introduce yourself and why you called. Ask if now is an appropriate time to call, or if the person would prefer to make an appointment for a different time. If they want to arrange a different time for an interview, you should ask them when the most convenient time will be and ask if they will be able to share more information on the topic with you. When you do meet with them or interview them, make sure to keep the interview short and to the point and take copious and detailed notes. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for quotable remarks that you can include in your paper and repeat the parts that you write down for a quote, asking them to double check the quote before you print it. It might behoove you to use a tape recorder, but be sure to ask prior to doing that. Double check that you correctly spelled titles and names before you leave and make sure to date your notes.

  3. Find additional information on the internet
  4. The internet is a vast resource from which to gather all manner of information. As a student it is imperative that you are careful about the sources you choose to use while on the internet. You should verify the truthfulness of the sources. For example, look for primary sources that are related to a government verified website ending in .edu or .gov. These are the more credible sources out there. You can also look to see if the information you find is verifiable by two or more additional sources. Remember to only use factual information from the internet and not a blog article or personal opinion piece.

Look for dates. This is important. You want to use current information and to ensure what you use is current you want to check the date. Something published ten years ago will not do you any good if you are writing a current research paper about trials in infertility treatments over the last five years. Avoid non-reputable sources.


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