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Basic Rules Of Setting Up An APA Term Paper Reference Page

While using the American Psychological Association style, your reference list will be the last thing in your term paper. This list or page gives necessary information to your readers for locating the sources and using them to see the authenticity of the data you have used in your paper. It is must to include all the sources you have cited in your paper. The reader can find a reference for each in the reference page. If you use data from an external source and do not cite or include it in the reference section, then you would have chances for plagiarism and cheating.

In order to format the reference page of your term paper in the right manner for APA style, you need to keep a certain things in your mind.

  1. You should always start the reference section at a new page from the text of the term paper. The heading of this page would be “References” in a centralized position. You do not have to bold, underline, quote or use any of these for the heading.
  2. The entire page will used double spacing like the rest of your term paper.
  3. The style of the margin in APA reference page would be hanging indentation. This means that all the lines after the first sentence of each entry will have one-half inch space from the left margin.
  4. The names of the authors for each citation include inside inverted commas.
  5. If your work has seven or less authors, then you will use the last names and initials of all the authors.
  6. If work to be cited has eight authors or more than you will use ellipses after the sixth author and write the last author’s name.
  7. The page would follow an alphabetical order by the last name of the first author of each work.
  8. When including a title of the journal you have to write the full name.
  9. When including a title of the journal, you have to use the exact same letters, abbreviations, and capitalization as by the original author. Do not change anything in the title on your own apart from capitalizing the major words in the title.
  10. Use italic style when writing titles of longer works for example books and journals.

When a title is shorter for any journal, article or essay, then you do not have to use italics or underline the title


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