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Coming Up With Original Research Paper Ideas For Teens

Whenever your instructor gives you an open-ended research paper assignment, you probably freeze at the thought of having to come up with something that will be interesting enough to warrant weeks of study. There are a number of exercises you can try in order to get your creative juices flowing and come up with an original idea to base your

  • Start with a Short List of Some Ideas
  • You don’t have to get a list down all in one sitting or even on a single day. It’s simply a good idea to keep a list with you whenever an idea pops into your head. Start at the beginning of the year and review your list the moment you receive your assignment. You’re sure to find at least two or three good ideas to develop in a great research paper.

  • Read and Watch Whatever is Going On Around You
  • A really good way of coming up with a topic ideas is to read newspapers and magazines or watch the evening news. Just about everything that is covered in media is recent and will make for excellent original topic choices. You can combine story ideas to develop something entirely fresh or build on something that genuinely interests you.

  • Try Out a Few Writing Exercises to See Where They Go
  • Many teenagers have found it extremely helpful to try out a few writing exercises to get their minds going and develop some original topics. These writing sessions don’t need to be highly involved, nor do they have to produce high-quality writing. The most important thing is that you experiment a little with your thoughts.

  • Make a Mind Map or Brainstorm
  • Making a mind map or brainstorming is usually a good exercise to try before you start writing any type of assignment. It can also be a good activity to develop research paper topics. Start with a phrase or a short sentence and develop the thought further with another phrase. For instance, you can start with something as broad as “animals of the rainforest” and end up with “predatory instincts of jaguars”.

  • Organize a Group Session with Classmates
  • Lastly, it’s good practice to meet up with other classmates and to bounce ideas off one another. You’re probably not the only one who panics when an open-ended assignment comes up, so organize a small study session and discuss some potential topics. These group activities can get you on the right course early, making it a lot easier to complete your assignment.


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