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General Instructions On Writing An Exploratory Research Paper

This short guide introduces you to general but important instructions that you need to be aware of before you even begin preparing what is here defined as an exploratory research paper. Apart from reminding you to adhere to the conventions of academic writing, the key thing to remember here is that you will not necessarily, if at all, be providing your readers with conclusive answers to a dissertation proposal or a specific line of enquiry that you have chosen to follow.

The definition and use

Indeed, a lot of thought and preparation needs to go into writing the exploratory essay. But what does it essentially mean? In leading your line of enquiry, you are also responding to an ancient adage in English literary writing and even philosophy that there are clearly no right or wrong answers. The effectiveness of your thought-provoking prose also encourages your learned readers to draw their conclusions and provide you with their own written or oral but inherently objective proposals.

Importance of writing introductions and conclusions

From the outset, you need to make your readers fully aware of what you propose to outline in the duration of your paper. Invariably the introduction is not longer than one typed (and line-spaced) page. The conclusion is remarkably shorter and briefly summarizes what you wrote. The drafting procedure for your introduction could do with practice so as to achieve the goal of including as much detail as possible in your opening statement.

Close readings, research and the structure of your paper

This can be followed by an anecdote which serves as a good ice breaker for your first leading paragraph. But it will never be effective if it is not informed by your independent study, other than what has already been suggested for you. Close readings of selected texts and extensive search of text sources, as well as field work, will also help you to prepare an original structure for your document while still conforming to the required academic conventions.

This short guide serves as a useful introduction for beginning students to follow when preparing themselves for writing what will be termed their first exploratory research paper. The guide stressed how it is different from other essays that high school and junior college students may have been accustomed to writing up to now. It is also important to remind all learning writers of the importance of adhering to the rules and conventions of academic writing to which the sub-genre of exploratory writing, in this context, necessarily is applied.


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