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How To Make A Problem Statement For A Business Research Paper

The problem statement is the same thing as a thesis statement when writing academic papers. This identifies the core aim of your assignment and shows the readers the real purpose of your work. If you have this statement, you can easily build the rest of your paper by creating its divisions and sub divisions. It is important to choose a strong problem statement for your paper so that you can build a great paper out of it. It might be your first time writing a research paper and you may not have any clue how to create a great problem statement

This article will help you in creating an effective and valid problem statement for your assignment in business.

  1. The first thing you need in order to proceed with your paper is an understanding of your subject. You are to create a paper about business, but you need to narrow down the certain area you will choose to talk about in your paper. Business itself is a wide subject; you should pick one smaller division and narrow it down to create a good paper. The narrower the subject, the easier it will be to identify a gap and address it on your paper
  2. Find a problem to address. This is critical because if you do not have a genuine problem to deal with then there is no point in writing your paper. You need to find a niche in your area that no one has yet talked about or the one that contains very less useful information. You can choose this problem and be able to persuade your readers that it is a genuine issue
  3. Brainstorm for a solution to the problem. Find a peaceful corner and sit with a pen and paper in your hand. Write the problem at the center of your paper and empty your mind of all other thoughts. Concentrate on the problem and start thinking about the solutions. Keep writing down whatever comes to your mind, as one idea will trigger another.
  4. Choose the best solution out of your suggested brainstorming list or fuse more than a few ideas to create one proper solution. This will give you a foolproof solution
  5. Check your solutions for any gaps or errors that might be impractical or a hurdle in your solution
  6. Create your problem statement by combining the problem and the solution

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