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How To Do The Methodology Section In A Research Paper: 10 Great Tips

The methodology section is one key part of a research paper. This is the core part of the paper because it acts as the proof that you have used a scientific method. It is in the methodology section that the validity of your study is judged and therefore it is very important that you write a good methods section.

  1. The purpose of your methods section is to answer to many questions. The first question is how you collected or generated your data. Second question is how you analyze the data.
  2. When writing your methodology section you need to be direct and precise
  3. When writing your methodology section you should write in the past tense
  4. You should include information such that someone reading your paper could repeat the experiment and evaluate whether or not your results can be reproduced. You also want to include enough information that your readers can judge whether your conclusions are valid.
  5. You should include an explanation of your data collection and data analysis. The reason you want to include this is so that your readers can know why you chose a particular method over others, or a particular procedure over others. For example if you chose qualitative methods or your data analysis, your reader will want to know why you did not choose quantitative methods.
  6. The reader also needs to know that the generation or the collection of your data was valid.
  7. This is also where you want to discuss anticipated problems within your data collection and what steps you took to prevent those problems.
  8. You should include the rationale for why you selected the experimental procedures that you used. You also want to provide sufficient information so that someone else could replicate your study. You do this by providing a complete and accurate description of the equipment used to collect data in the techniques used to collect data. You want to explain exactly how you collected your data and how you analyzed it.
  9. You should present basic demographic information such as your list of materials, the subjects that you study, their composition, their gender, age, they wait, or anything else that is relevant to your study.
  10. You should explain how you gathered your samples or your subjects. Did you gather them using randomized techniques? How did you prepare your samples? How did you make measurements? What calculations were made? You want to describe what materials and equipment you had using your research and what statistical techniques you had to use for your data.

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