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How to write a good term paper concluding paper paragraph

You have spent a lot of time researching, designing and writing your term paper. You have written a really good introduction and have discussed each major point in detail in the main section of your paper. It is now time to write the concluding paragraph.

What not to do

  • Rush this section
  • Just assume that you need to write a sentence or two and it will suffice.
  • Relax and just write what comes into your head.

What to do

  • Give your concluding paragraph as much attention as your introductory paragraph.
  • You will need a full paragraph that opens with a topic sentence, has a main or central part and a concluding sentence.
  • Stay focused until you have finished writing the concluding paragraph.

Where to start

  • Go back to the original notes that you made when you were planning your paper. Have your plans changed in any way? Have you added or taken away any of the main focus or research that you had planned to use?
  • Read you paper again. Make sure that you have covered all of the point that you had highlighted in your original plan. Have you used the research and references as you had intended.
  • Get someone to read through your paper (this is really worthwhile at this stage as you may have missed a point that you originally wanted to make but didn't. It would be very strange if you make reference to that point in your concluding paragraph but had not actually included it!).

Ready to write?

  • Get started on your first sentence of the concluding paragraph.
  • Now, focusing on each of the points that you have addressed in the main part of your paper, draw the points to a concluding remark. You may feel that after researching the topic that the point is no longer relevant, or may need to be discussed separately.
  • Acknowledge the need for future research or work in a particular areas that you have discussed and if needed offer a suggestions based on sound research and use of case studies. Do not base your recommendations on just a 'gut feeling' as that does not count.

Nearly there

  • Take as much care with writing your last sentence as you did with your first.
  • Make your last sentence memorable for all the right reasons.
  • Now you can relax. You have earned it!

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