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When you should choose an MLA format for your research paper

As students move into advanced levels in education, they begin to learn about the educational organizations that affect the type of work that they do. Students who are pursuing college degrees will need to familiarize themselves with the APA, MLA, and Chicago Style formats. These styles are regulated by professional organizations that like to see consistency in the formatting of the papers that are submitted by students and by professionals in particular careers. Students often struggle with these styles because they are so specific and they are so different from each other. Fortunately, as students declare a major and begin to pursue an actual profession in their coursework, they will become familiar with one style over another.

What is MLA

Of the styles, the MLA style is the easiest one to learn. The MLA is the Modern Language Association. This group is the clearing house for professional papers on languages. When you are taking courses in literature or language, you will need to use the MLA style on the essays and research papers that your instructor assigns. APA, the American Psychological Association, is required in many science classes as well as psychology classes. The Chicago Style formatting is used in social science classes. While students are in undergraduate classes, they will most commonly see APA and MLA.

When to Use MLA

First-year college students are often confused by the entire research paper and essay writing procedure. During high school, students would write essays, but not necessarily have to use a specific style. They might have to use a certain font and size, as well as a margin, but many teachers do not require title pages or page numbering formats. So, when students get to college, they are expected to use a specific style which can be discomforting to a student who knows nothing about MLA.

Buy an MLA Manual

If you have to use MLA in any of your courses, your instructors will require that you buy an MLA manual. That should be the first sign that you will need to use this style on every essay you write in the class of the professor who assigned that book. You might feel like you are wasting your money, but once you buy an MLA handbook it is usually good for several years. There are occasional updates. Unless those updates are extreme, your MLA handbook will last all through your college years.


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