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How To Come Up With Interesting Research Paper Topics About New York City

It’s not difficult to come up with an interesting topic for a research paper about New York City. This place is so fascinating that there is no shortage of subjects for you to explore. In fact, this in itself can become a problem because it’s really hard to choose what to pick when there are so many options available.

The best way to choose a perfect topic for this research paper is to visit New York City and write about the thing that impressed you the most. Give yourself a few days for the excitement of the trip to fade and sort through your memories. Make a list of things that had the biggest impact on you and start doing some preliminary research. Check the materials available on each of the subjects. Pick the option that offers enough solid data to create a strong essay.

Can’t think of anything interesting enough? Take a look at the following suggestions:

  1. New York City and justice: is it served fairly?
  2. How does it feel to be an alien in New York City during Christmas holidays?
  3. New York City traffic pollution: is there a way to solve this problem with the current level of technology?
  4. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire: the impact on the city and the country in general.
  5. Subway system of New York City: safety measures and crime prevention tools.
  6. Irish immigrants in New York City: cultural heritage brought by the immigrants and its impact on the community.
  7. History of influenza epidemics in New York City.
  8. New York City as portrayed in movies: why do directors love to destroy it so much?
  9. Poverty in New York City as reflection of the poverty in the U.S. in general.
  10. How do homeless people spend winters in New York?
  11. New York City sewage system maintenance.
  12. The problem of garbage in New York City: viable eco-friendly solutions.
  13. Comparison of living in Los Angeles to living in New York.
  14. Central Park on a summer morning: nature’s beauty in New York.
  15. New York City during the Civil War.

Don’t forget that every piece of academic writing must have some educational value. You have to consider this when choosing the topic. Even if you are writing a descriptive essay, you need to do this in a way that will teach your readers something. You also need to tie your work to the existing research and explain how it affects the field of study as a whole.


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