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8 Outstanding Research Paper Ideas About Animals

Picking a topic is an incredibly challenging part of the writing process. When you are given an assignment one of two things will happen. The first is that your teacher will tell you what you should write about. They might give you a specific topic or they might give you a specific subject and allow you to cultivate a topic so long as it meets with the subject parameters. The other thing that might happen is that you are given the freedom to select a topic of your choosing. If you are allowed to pick a topic of your choosing you are given a great gift. This is a type of freedom that is not often enjoyed by every student. Being able to pick a topic yourself gives you an opportunity to brainstorm something that you are truly passionate about.

If you are asked to write a research paper about animals there are many topics from which to choose. Below you will find eight outstanding ideas that you might be able to incorporate into your next assignment for that you might be able to craft into something that appeals to you personally. Remember that these topics are meant only as a starting off point and should not be used verbatim unless they truly peek your interest and align with your assignment details.

  • Write about the ethical treatment of animals. You can defend animal testing or criticize animal testing. And informative paper might include history of different animal regulations within the research fields, what principles are available to protect a different animal subjects for animal testing, or it can research how researchers minimize pain-and-suffering for animals, and whether they have veterinary personnel on hand.
  • You can write about service animals particularly service dogs and how this form of therapy has been integrated into prisons, hospitals, schools, and nursing homes. Explore the bond that takes place psychologically between animals and humans and mastication. You can also include what canine behavior can cause aggression or stress.
  • You can write about animal law and what laws exist when pets are abandoned by their family, what happens animals after natural disasters, what happens to pets when their owner dies.
  • You can discuss antibiotics and how they are used in the production of livestock.
  • You can review humane methods of animal slaughtering.
  • Write about the impact that animals are having on the current environment.
  • Discuss different diseases that animals have brought into the human population.
  • Write about cloning and genetics as it applies to animals.

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