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How To Write An Art History Research Paper: The Fundamentals

An art history research paper will be written in much the same way as many other academic papers. In fact, it does not necessarily matter what subject you are writing about, as you will generally follow a range of different instructions and guidelines, so as to create a high quality piece of work.

Of course, the precise style that you will be using might vary; for example, an argumentative paper will be different to a problem solution paper. However, the actual subject that you are writing about will not necessarily have such a great impact upon things. The main exception to this is when writing about scientific subjects, as it may be the case that you need to carry out various experiments as part of your research, which will then require a results and analysis page.

What to do before you start writing

Before you start writing anything, there are various things that you will need to do in order to ensure that you are ready to produce some high quality content. For example, you will first need to think of a good title to write about. Likewise, once you have the title in mind, you will then need to start planning the work, so that you know what sections to write about, and potentially what details to include in each of the sections.

Having planned the work, including creating a realistic timeframe, you will then be ready to start researching the topic further. You should use accurate and reliable sources for finding any information that you need to use, and be prepared to include citations and references within your work when necessary, so it can be a good idea to make a note sources that you have used.

The writing stages

The writing stages will begin with the first draft, which is a rough initial copy of the work that you will produce. This will be rewritten in subsequent drafts, and may look very different once the work has been completed.

Checking things are correct

Once you are happy with the work, you will need to check over what you have written. In order to do this, you should remember to check that the spelling is accurate, and that there are no grammatical errors. In fact, it is possible to hire professionals to do this for you, and you can find help with this by looking for professional writing agencies on the Internet.


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