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Top 18 Research Paper Topics In Computer Science

Computer science may have arrived only 3-4 decades ago, but it has fast gained preponderance over other subjects. Almost all systems in the world are getting computer-generated and the science surely has become pivotally essential to know and learn.

The rate race

It is amazing how some teenagers may not remember the capital of Morocco but can hack ultra-security sites. The cyber police also keep generating new technologies to be up with the cyber criminals and this offers spectacular grounds for research.

Choose with discretion

You must pick a research paper topic which you are conversant with; not a topic which sounds exotic. Remember that you will also have to go through practical processes to augment your research paper. Act sensibly.

Gaze at the stars

You should gauze the far-reaching expanse of computer science and how it is impacting general lives. From computerized banks to trains; credit cards to online casinos; all sectors from entertainment to defense has been beset with unheralded technologies.

Cut a smart conclusion

Your research paper should also carve a fitting conclusion, depicting newer sensations in the already new age science. You may utilize the effective strategy of introducing human element which keeps things slightly balanced and on the plane.

Diligence required

You should diligently check credible sources, magazines; journals, books to gain further knowledge and find out rather uncharted domains to shed light on. Whatever you do, you should keep in mind the benefit it may accrue to the readers.

Stick to the basics

What if you are dealing with computer science! You cannot keep the basics on the lumber rack while preparing a research paper. Go through the grind and streamline the structure of your paper.

Here are 18 research paper topics on computer science for your perusal –

  1. Analyzing the monopolistic future of computer science
  2. Assessing the vitality and scope of cloud computing
  3. Strengthening the core of disaster management through computer technology
  4. Rooting and analyzing capacities of education technology
  5. Stitching together algorithm with statistical trends
  6. How computer science has redefined modalities of communication
  7. The diverse world of Multimedia
  8. Recent innovations to further solidify the security features of ATM
  9. Assessing biometrics of the body through computational techniques
  10. Plagiarism detection devices and ways to bypass them
  11. Adding on Turin’s Captcha; identifying the human element
  12. Integration of computer science and robotics
  13. The core value of computer languages
  14. Synthesis varied emergent technologies in software domain
  15. The new age definition of operative systems by Apple
  16. Scoping into Artificial and ambient intelligence
  17. Denuding the layers of Network Security
  18. Methodical strengthening of encryption for online casinos

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